14 de octubre de 2011

Without Remorse

Without Remorse

You believe every person doesn’t feel
Leaving at your side the remorse
Forgetting how easy is to repent
And see how you lost a part of yourself

Depreciate every feeling around you
Don’t take so serious and walk over them
Without hesitation from who it came from
Just to fill your emptiness and loneliness

(Sad soul)
In your eyes, I see my dreams
In your mind, I feel my peace
In your lips, I taste all my dreams
In your heart, I forget all my pain

Now is the time to seek the path
And have the light in my hands
To erase all the darkness of your dreams
When I touch your face and careless your hair

You don’t see who you look
You don’t feel who loves you
You just ignore everyone and don’t care at all
But one day someone arrives and makes me see all that

(Healed soul)
In my dreams, I ignore you
My eyes don’t look at you anymore
My lips don’t want to feel you
My heart is now better without you

The time I tried to change you was useless
I tried to remove that darkness, I’m so tired
Stopped my time to do everything for you
Now I start to walk again, without remorse

Refreshing the path I want to follow
Building my own hopes and dreams
Now I´m the best one, without you
This is how the sad ends in a simple word

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