6 de noviembre de 2011

So Many Times

So many times, we feel no one is there
For long time we sit still waiting
For someone, for something
It’s normal we make our own questions
Waiting for the best sensations

Loneliness is the worst feeling
That a person can feel
No one can live always alone
We need at least a feeling called love

Believe in me – I need something to do
Trust in me – I need somewhere to put my emotions
Talk to me – I need someone to hear me

We need time to accept all that we have
Never look how long it’ll take us to learn
But what’s more important is to know we are alive
Like a leaf in a tree, waiting for the sunlight

Hopes are the lights in the darkness
The stars are the sparks in the sky
So I believe in you as if you are the wind
I wait for you, as if I am the time

Wait for me - I stay in the middle of everything
Hold me – Keep my heartbeats in your hand
Cover me - Take care of my wings
Support me - Help me build the future

At the end we know we need someone
We learn to share our lives with others
Making every moment a great memory
So it happens for so many times

2 comentarios:

Liz M dijo...

Isma, como siempre me gusta lo que escribes. You capture the many emotions and feelings that all humans have and desire to have. The loneliness and sadness that eats away at us like a cancer can be overwhelming to bear. It's unfortunate to suffer through those feelings alone. I should know that better than anyone. It's great when you can write about what you feel here. We don't always have someone that will listen to us, but writing your feelings is a good way to release them even if it doesn't take the lonliness completely away.

Anónimo dijo...

Remember that your Little Bear will always be here to listen and be your bestfriend. Te quiero mucho, gran Lobo :-*